Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spotlight: Cienna

Hola! This is Cienna here! No, my parents are not spelling-challenged or anything (though they are no spelling-bee champs either)  but for some reason best known to them, they prefer the letter C over S.  Mom loves the orange in me and has long nursed a fancy for Italy ....which kinda explains why she named me so.

Dad found me at the same shelter where he found Chica, only a year later. He had been thinking of finding mom a lap cat and though I am not one, he just could not resist my feisty ways! When he got mom to the shelter to meet moi, I chatted so much with her that she couldn't have said no if she tried. And so I came to a new home with 2 humans who adore me like no one has before (my sister Cali and I were abandoned twice in the past) and a new-found sister, Chica who can be pretty territorial sometimes but she's family at the end of the day.

Humans often like to categorize: calicos are sweet, tabbies have attitude, cats are self-absorbed, dogs are not........well, come spend some time with us and I can bet my parents' lifetime earnings <insert a cat-wink here> that you will not be able to typecast us again, ever! Hope to have a good time with you guys.........see you often!

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