Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spotlight: Chica

Hi there! I am Chica, the first feline member and the only tabby in the family! I first found dad when he was totally clueless about cats but knew he wanted one. While he was going about petting one cat to another in the shelter, I spotted him and surprised him with one of my special head-butts.  This was in the summer of 2010 and the memory of how he found me or rather how I found him still turns him into a marshmallow in less than 5 seconds.

After much deliberations with mom, he named me Chicamala......well, what can I say except that my reputation often precedes me! But I have been at my best behavior for the most part and they have since been calling me Chica, though sometimes in a sudden rush of love they resort to unexplainable human gobble-speak and call me by chicoo, putu, mochoo, gutuputu and so on!!!! Very annoying but since they don't mean any harm, I am okay with it! And hey, mom often refers to me as her "alpha-queen"......I have no inkling what that means but it does sound kinda cool, don't you think!

Anyway, so welcome to our world......hope you will enjoy your time with us here!

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