Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spotlight: Cali

Heyyyyyy! So you have met my sisters, Cienna and Chica already! I am Cali, the other calico in the family. Cienna and I look almost identical....almost! Unlike Cienna, I am a die-hard foodie so I am a little on the.... errrrr......heavier side of weighing scales but as dad and mom would tell you, it is equally hard to take your eyes off me!  

It took me a little longer than Cienna to make my way to my new home from the shelter. This is how my story goes........Cienna and I were rescued by the same shelter when the last family abandoned us but I fell sick so while Cienna went home from the shelter with mom and dad, I was being fostered at a volunteer's home. Later when I moved back to the shelter I would often look for Cienna but in vain. Then one day, about 3 months after Cienna had left the shelter,  mom and dad came to say goodbye to the shelter folks just as they were moving out of Columbus and leaving for Cleveland for good. The shelter was already closed for the day and as they stood by the window peeping at the cats inside, mom spotted me sleeping in a corner and exclaimed, "That's Cienna's sister...look at her!" She has told me this story so often that by now I know it verbatim. They went back home and kept debating if they could add another furry member to their family. Despite their initial doubts, they were convinced that it was the rightmost thing to do! And so I came home to be with Cienna. A long story but worth telling for its happy ending,  don't you think?

We now live in Cleveland and you have to drop by here to say hi often! We are a fun bunch and hopefully will help you make this world a no-kill place for all our fur friends still waiting to find a happy home.

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